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Our Work

The Language Conservancy has partnered with the Apache people on a number of educational projects, including the Apache Summer Institute, the Apache dictionary, textbooks and children’s books, and a Vocab Builder app.

Apache Summer Institute

In 2019, Apache Language Consortium (ALC) held the first-ever Apache Summer Institute in partnership with Arizona State University and San Carlos Apache College. This educational program offers beginner and advanced learners an opportunity to learn about the Apache language and culture. In 2020, the Apache Summer Institute was held entirely online, offering students a unique way to learn remotely.

Apache Level 1 Textbook

The Apache Language Consortium has developed a Level 1 Textbook for the Apache community which introduces learners to the fundamentals of the Apache language and culture. With 24 units, local vocabulary variants, detailed illustrations, and a comprehensive teachers’ guide, this textbook provides all the tools needed to teach and learn Apache.

Currently, a Level 2 textbook is being developed which focuses on teaching reading and writing skills in San Carlos Apache.

Apache Dictionary

The Apache Language Consortium is currently developing a comprehensive Apache Dictionary for online, mobile and print use. It will include the rich vocabulary of the three Western Apache dialect groups, including Dilzhe’e, White Mountain, and San Carlos.

Apache Vocab Builder

The Apache Vocab Builder was released in 2021! A downloadable app for Android and iOS that helps learners to develop crucial vocabulary and review their skills over time, offering dozens of culturally-relevant categories with audio pronunciation and visual aids for each word in the category. This app was made possible by the partnership between the San Carlos Apache Tribe and Arizona State University as well as the technical coordination of the Apache Language Consortium.

Professional Development

During the Winter months of 2019 and early 2020, The Language Conservancy’s Apache linguist Willem de Reuse worked closely with the San Carlos Apache community, teaching classes on the basics of spelling, vocabulary, and pronunciation and conducting meetings with the administrative directors involved in the Office of Language Preservation.